National HS Awareness Week 2013

HS Awareness Week 2013 runs from 10th - 16th June 2013, and will provide an opportunity for everyone in the UK to promote understanding and awareness of Hidradenitis Suppurativa. This will also be a wonderful time to organise your very own HS fundraising event.

How can I take part?

  • Put up posters in your area
    We will provide you with as many posters as you like for your local area. These can be displayed in GP surgeries, hospitals, local clubs, libraries, etc. But don't forget to seek the owners permission first!
  • Contact the local media
    Write to your local newspaper or magazine, and tell them your experiences with HS. You may even wish to promote your own HS fundraising event.
  • Talk about your experiences to others
    Help others understand HS by arranging a talk. This could be with your local school or club. Or you may wish to just invite some friends and family round for a chat.
  • Create you own video
    YouTube is full of video clips of people talking about themselves, so why not use it to talk about HS. Create your own clip and it may even appear on our website.
  • Wear Blue Day at school or in work
    What's your favourite colour? Well ours is Blue! So why not wear blue for the day to work or school, better still, ask your manager or headmaster if everyone can join in the fun by wearing blue a t-shirt, hat or wig.
  • Set up an information stand in a public place
    We can provide plenty of literature to put on your stand, from event information to the HS facts. You could set up anywhere you like so long as you have permission to do so.
  • Do a sponsored event from our events pages
    Our events section is full of good ideas, from sponsored runs to skydiving. You could even do white water rafting with your workmates.
  • Hold a coffee morning
    Invite your friends around for a coffee morning, and simply ask for a small donation for each mug of coffee or cake. So simple and easy to organise.

Winners of the 2012 Awareness Week raffle were drawn on Sunday 17th June, Click here to see if you won

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