Benefits of volunteering

Volunteering can be a very beneficial experience, and for many people the reasons for doing this differ greatly. For some, volunteering is a way of giving something back to an organisation that has helped them or someone they know, for others it may present a chance of gaining new skills and experience, and for a few people it may just be a way to pass the time. Of course there are many other benefits for the individual, such as:

  • gaining new skills and experiences or developing existing ones  
  • meeting new people  
  • doing something rewarding  
  • gaining a sense of achievement  
  • giving something back to an organisation that has helped you  
  • enhancing your CV  
  • Getting to know the local community  
  • feeling part of a team

For businesses, the benefits of volunteering are just as varied, for both the employer and the employee. These may include:

  • improved employee performance  
  • better moral in the workforce  
  • it encourages teamwork  
  • building brand awareness  
  • enhancement of corporate image  
  • increased productivity  
  • creates new business opportunities