Hidradenitis Suppurativa Support Team

At BAHS we are always receiving emails from sufferers wanting to know where they can find a doctor, dermatologist or surgeon, with experience in treating HS. In response to this, we have started a program called the "HS Support Team". The HSST is a network of medical professionals from around the UK who have a particular interest and experience in treating Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

The HSST also donate their time and knowledge to assist BAHS, thus enabling us to provide the best level of care and advice possible, ensuring that all information that we give out is up to date and medically correct. They will also assist in answering any medically related patient queries that we receive.

This program will undoubtedly improve the standard of care for HS patients, and will also benefit other GPs, surgeons, Dermatologists, etc. who may be requiring advice in the treatment of HS. The HSST is strictly for medical professionals only to join, and this may be done by completing the registration form, accessible HERE, sending it to hsst@ba-hs.org.uk on completion.

Note: BAHS may provide the names of medical professionals with experience in treating HS, but does not endorse or recommend individual physicians or treatment centers. BAHS reserves the right to refuse access to HSST information.