Remember us in your will

Donating through your will, or legacy giving, has grown in popularity over the years, with around 34% of people now choosing to remember a charity in their will. There are many reasons why you may wish to leave a legacy, one of which may be Inheritance Tax (IHT). Charitable legacies are free from IHT, and by leaving anything over the IHT threashold as a legacy, you avoid having to pay inheritance tax.

The 2 main types legacy are:

  • A residuary legacy (A share or percentage of your whole estate, once all the expenses, costs and specific gifts have been taken out.)
  • A pecuniary legacy (Fixed amounts of money).

There are 2 ways of leaving a legacy in your will, these are:

  • By writing a new will - We strongly recommend that you consult a solicitor when doing this. Only by executing a will can you be sure that your possesions are divided as you wish.
  • To make an addition to your will by using a Codicil. - A Codicil is a document that amends a previously executed will, and must be signed and witnessed by two people in the same way as a Will.

Whether you choose to execute a new will, or to use a codicil, please remember to use our full name: British Association for Hidradenitis Suppurativa, our registered UK charity number: 1128167, or SC041828 for Scotland, and our correct registered address:

PO Box 550