The list of websites and groups below are provided for your reference, providing useful help, information and advice. Although we do our best to ensure the links we provide are of good standard, they are not meant as a replacement for your GP. BAHS can not accept any responsibility for content shown on websites to which we link.

Information Sites

NHS Choices - Informative website run by the NHS.

British Skin Foundation - The only british charity dedicated to skin desease research.

Ingentaconnect - The home of scholarly research.

DermnetNZ - Good photos and descriptions from New Zealand.

DermAtlas - More examples and photos of HS.

American Acadamy of Family Physicians - Medical information from AAFP.

British Association of Dermatologists - HS Information from BAD.

Doctor's guide to the internet - With over 1 million visits per month and doctors registered in 127 countries, Doctor's guide is a source of daily medical news and info.

DrugWatch - Informative up-to-date information about prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Support Sites

HS-UK - Friendly UK based support group for HS sufferers.

Hypnotherapy Directory - Hypnotherapy support network.

HS Friends - UK based support group.

Personal Sites

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