The green way to donate

There are a few ways of making a donation to BAHS, you can either donate your time, by holding a fundraising event on our behalf, details of which can be found by clicking on the Get Involved link above. Or you could make a physical donation, here is a couple of ideas:

Ink Cartridge and Toner Recycling

Recycle4Charity are now making donations on any ink cartridges and toners that are recycled through us, all you have to do is send your old ink cartridges to them by clicking on their logo above. We receive £1 per ink cartridge, upto £5 per inkjet/toner cartidge.

Please check their website for acceptable cartidges and toners, as not all are accepted.

Mobile Phone Recycling

We have teamed up with Envirocharities, and can now offer safe and secure donation of all makes and models of mobile phone. For each mobile phone sale made, we receive £3. In addition to this, you can choose to donate a further 5% to 100% of the phones value to us as well.

Your old mobile phone could be worth as much as £180 to the British Association for Hidradenitis Suppurativa. To donate you phone now, simply click on the logo above.

Music Magpie is a unique fundraising initiative to make money for our charity by collecting old and unwanted CDs and DVDs.

Collecting old CDs and DVDs to raise money for charity is a totally free fundraising initiative. Simply post your unwanted CD albums and DVDs to us, and we'll do the rest.